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Newby Tournament Cruiser Can’t Wait to Do it Again!

It was three years ago that Marcia Marcotte, 62, of Corinth, New York, first learned about the World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise. “My brother in law, Jeff Tromblee, found it while searching the web,” she recalls. “He was glad because he is crazy about Bingo. The idea that you could combine a cruise vacation with a big Bingo tournament got him very excited. He looked into it, got my sister, Mary, and me excited about it too, so we all signed up.”
Marcia has traveled on other cruises before but found the World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise truly unique. “We enjoyed the ship, of course; it was very beautiful and fun to explore,” she says. “We love shopping and used the stops at the different ports to look for souvenirs. And the food! It is just amazing how great the food is—so many varieties that it is impossible not to find something to eat that you totally love. Actually, the hard part is finding something you don’t like!”
Because they are big gaming fans, Marcia and her family spent lots of time in the ship’s casino. “That is always fun,” she says. “But it was the addition of the Bingo Tournament with so many games on so many days that made this trip so great. Jeff also tried his hand at one of the other tournaments, which was so intense that I went hoarse from cheering for him!”
Marcia and her relatives found the World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise so enjoyable, in fact, that they signed up for the 31st annual cruise, setting sail November 9 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and heading for the southern Caribbean for eight fun-filled days with visits to the tropical ports of Grand Turk; La Romana, Dominican Republic; Curaçao; and Aruba.
Between ports, Marcia and her fellow travelers will participate in marathon Bingo and optional Sizzling Slots, and Bingo Bugle Blackjack tournaments—which together will award more than $100,000 in cash prizes. On top of that, the top winner of the Bingo Tournament receives the title of Bingo Grand Champion and free passage for two aboard the following year’s Bingo Tournament Cruise.
“If you like cruising, good food and lots of Bingo, you need to go,” Marcia says. “It is such a nice atmosphere and the Bingo is set up very well and is very organized. It’s why I’m going again!”
Come experience the World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise for yourself. Visit bingobugle.com/cruise on the web or call the Bingo Bugle Cruise Hotline (888-352-2464) to learn more.