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Indiana. Washington, a town of about 10-thousand people in the southwestern part of that state, has become the focus of a most unusual gaming event. For two years, the local Knights of Columbus club has staged a fundraiser in which a winning ticket is worth more than a million dollars. One local citizen told an area TV station that the gambling event has not only been a financial shot in the arm for the K-of-C in her town, but lots of money has been flowing in, if you consider the number of people who have come in from other cities to participate. Many stay over night, and patronize the local eateries and shops. At last check, the prize this year is nearly $1.5-million.

New Mexico. Five tribes of Native Americans that operate casinos in the state of New Mexico are filing a joint lawsuit in the hopes of thwarting an effort by that state to retroactively collect approximately $40 million in revenue-sharing payments tied to free-play credit incentives. An Albuquerque newspaper says that the tribes took the action after the state billed one casino over 10-million dollars. The controversy involves free-play gaming credits that have been given out as incentives to help induce customers to come and play at certain facilities.

Canada. National TV network reports that although most online gaming sites are not based in that country, some are being hosted in places such as Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. The network notes that, “anyone with an Internet connection and disposable income can easily place bets with the countless offshore bookmakers who court customers in Canada and other countries where it’s not legal to accept wagers.” Because regulators have not really addressed the issue, thousands in Canada continue to bet in what is being recognized as an increasingly “grey” area.

Washington. Shortly after the Spokane Tribe of Indians broke ground for a new off-reservation casino, the group announced that it would take over funding for a multi-lane traffic circle interchange that will need to be constructed in conjunction with its new building. The tribe is spending some $400 million on the state-of-the-art gaming facility and says it wants easy access for customers and is footing the bill for a planned roundabout at the end of the parking area.

United Kingdom. Bingo remains all the rage in the United Kingdom. At some parlors, the game is similar, but not identical, to the game played in the States. One U.S.-based chain of hotels, ACE Hotels, is cashing in on the British Bingo bonanza by hosting weekly games at its London location. Only one of its U.S. hotels has Bingo, the ACE in Palm Springs, California. Speaking of that facility, the Bingo caller is an 89-year-old former showgirl. One observer noted that the hostess seems to think of her hour-long sessions as being a kind of “recital” during which Bingo serves as an interruption.


10 Tamburin HeadingBest Ways to Bet the Six

There are at least four different ways to bet on the number 6 at craps. Some of them are good and some not so good. In fact, some are known as a “suckers bet.”
Place bet
The most common way to bet on the 6 is to make a Place bet. You should wait until after the shooter establishes a point number than place $6 in chips (or any multiple of $6) on the layout, get the dealer’s attention, and tell him you want to “place the 6.” He will pick up your chips and place them on the number 6 at the top of the layout.
You win your place bet if the shooter throws a 6 again before throwing a 7. If instead the latter happens, your place bet on the 6 will lose. Just remember that you want the shooter to throw the 6, and pray he doesn’t throw the 7 first.
The odds of winning the bet is 6 to 5. That means you have 6 ways to lose (the six different dice combinations that make up a 7) for every 5 ways to win (there are five different dice combinations that total 6). The casino payoff on a winning place bet on the 6 is 7 to 6. That means you win $7 for every $6 wagered. A 7 to 6 payoff on a bet with 6 to 5 odds results in a casino edge of 1.52%.
Big 6
You can also bet the 6 by making a wager on the Big 6. This bet is clearly marked on the layout in the bottom left and right corners of the layout. Unlike the place bet where the dealer positions your chips on the 6, if you want to wager on the Big 6 you simply place your chips on the area of the layout marked Big 6 (and 8).
A bet on the Big 6 wins and loses the same as the place bet on the 6. If a 6 is rolled again before the 7 you win and if the opposite occurs you lose. The difference is that the payoff odds for the Big 6 are only 1 to 1. This is less than the 7 to 6 payoff odds for the similar Place bet on the 6. In fact, the casino’s edge on the Big 6 is 9.1%, which classifies it as a sucker bet, especially when you can make the similar Place bet with an 83% lower casino edge.
Hardway 6
You’ll find the Hardway 6 bet in the middle of the layout. This bet wins if a 6 is rolled only in the dice combination 3-3. It will lose if a 7 is rolled or if a 6 is rolled again in any other dice combination (i.e. 1-5 or 2-4). The bet pays off at 9 to 1, which means you win $9 for every $1 wagered. The high payoff odds are what attract players to make the bet. However, if you do the math you’ll find that the Hardway 6 has a casino edge of 9.1%. This puts this bet in the category of a sucker bet because the high casino edge will slowly and surly grind down a player’s bankroll.
Buy Bet
Instead of placing the 6 at 7 to 6 payoff odds, you could make a Buy bet on the 6 and get a 6 to 5 (or true odds) payoff. The latter results in a casino’s edge of zero. In order to make money on the Buy bet, the casinos charge a 5% commission at the time you make the bet. The 5% is based on the amount of money you bet. If you make a $20 Buy bet on the 6 the casino will charge you $1 in commission. However, since casinos don’t usually deal with chips lower than $1 denomination at craps, you would get charged the same $1 commission if you bet less than $20. Therefore you should never bet less than $20 when you make a Buy bet on the 6 unless you know for sure that they’ll charge less than $1 for making the bet.
The 5% commission on a $20 buy bet on the 6 results in a casino’s edge of 4.7%. Most casinos will allow you to bet more than $20 and less than $40 and still charge only a $1 commission. Betting say $39 and being charged only $1 results in a casino edge of 2.5%.
The bottom line is that the best way to bet your lucky number 6 is to make a Place bet on the 6 for $6 because the casino’s edge is the lowest.

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Lucky Lotto News:  California Girl Gets Scratch Happy

Teen Scores Two Jackpots
Nineteen-year-old Rosa Dominguez was driving home from Arizona when she stopped at a gas station in Paso Robles in her home state of California, and decided to try her hand at a few $5 scratch-offs. She promptly hit the jackpot, winning $555,555. “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” she later said. And believe it or not, that win was just for starters. Within days, Dominguez was back at the same gas station buying more scratch cards—and nabbed yet another win totaling $100,000. Dominguez says her immediate plans are to do a lot of shopping, including buying a new car.

New Hampshire Online
New authorization to sell lottery games online could be a digital jackpot for the New Hampshire Lottery, but players will have to wait a few more months before the option is available. Lottery Commission Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said his agency is figuring out the best way to implement the sale of games over the Internet and mobile devices. At this point, a projected rollout could be around the start of calendar year 2018. “For us, it’s just an evolution of how we do business,” McIntyre told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “We’re not really selling anything new. We’re just doing it in a different way.” The authorization for the iGaming sale options came with the new state budget for fiscal years 2018-2019, which took effect this summer. Online lottery sales could generate an estimated $13 million for the education trust fund over the two-year period, according to the state.

Grandparents Get Mega Win
A Long Branch, New Jersey, couple raising three grandchildren after losing their daughter to Lupus in recent years, has won a $1 million lottery prize. “This will be the beginning of good fortune for our family,” said Jackie, who asked lottery officials not to reveal her last name. She and her husband won a second-tier Mega Millions drawing prize. The couple plans to use the money first on paying bills and then on raising their grandchildren. “I am just very grateful,” says her husband, “This will help our lives out a lot.”

OK Rolls Out New Tickets
This summer, the Oklahoma Lottery introduced 16 new scratchers tickets with better odds and a bigger prize pool. New games include $100,000 Golden Ticket, the most expensive game ever in Oklahoma at a price of $10 a ticket. The game is predicted to pay out more than $18 million in cash prizes. Lottery officials say that a new state law allows the pay structure to be set up differently so more prize money can be given out. The lottery says the better odds are expected to produce an uptick in players, resulting in an additional $110 million going to fund education over the next five years.